Monday, March 30, 2009


Everyone-- thanks for visiting DomesticMuse! I am horribly behind on everything, not the least of which is visiting those of you I read every day. We are getting ready to move, starting April 1, so things are extra-busy at home. We'll start dragging as much as we can over to our new house starting Wed. evening. The furniture movers are coming next Monday (we hope). There was a little drama with the apt. people Friday so I wasn't able to finalize that.

So, posts will be light, and I won't have much time for reading this week either! I will have one or two posts to put up before Wed. I'll catch up with you as I can. Have a fabulous week, all! I'll miss you :( but be back soon! :)


  1. Good Luck with everything...hope you can settle in soon!

  2. Good luck with moving and settling in! Check out my modern rhubarb follow-up when you can :)

  3. So glad you extended the deadline.. my life seems to have gotten so overwhelming lately, too. Hope all goes well with your move.. Take it easy.

  4. I hope everything goes well. Maybe I can get another entry in with the extra time.


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