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Everything Old Is New Again and VINTAGE APRON Giveaways

My mom so loved the trifle I used to fix for Christmas when I was a teenager, she wrote the recipe down so I'd always remember how to make it!

My sweet friend Betty's prize winning Tomato and Onion Salad recipe. Don't believe me? Look at the back of the card:


Well, I never thought I would have so much to say (Ray: if you are reading this, I am not responsible for any CocaCola that may be coming out of your nose now), but I've been blogging for more than 2 months, and there are even a few people outside my family who read my blog! My big 3 month anniversary is coming up in just a couple of weeks, and I thought it would be fun to have a little contest, complete with prizes, to celebrate! It's a great way to get to know other bloggers. Everyone had been so kind, hospitable and generous in helping me get my blog off to a good start. In my culture, gift-giving is a way of showing appreciation to the Creator for all the beautiful blessings of this life. Thanks to each and every one of you for reading!

Besides, aside from coloring the river in Chicago green, not much exciting happens in March.
(... we interrupt this broadcast to inform you that our blogger was attacked by an angry mob of SCC fans..... film at 11)

Hopin' for this:


In spite of my picture, it's" just-spring", the first flowers are starting to poke their way out of the ground and "the world is puddle-wonderful." Food, like fashion, comes and goes. Sometimes we wish it had stayed (bring on the shoofly pie and apple pandowdy!); other times we are glad to see it go ( Sayonara, Rumaki, you hackneyed, bacon-wrapped chicken livers, and RIP).

In recognition of this cycle of renewal, our contest theme is Everything Old Is New Again. To participate in this contest, prepare and submit a recipe for a "vintage" dish that you would like to see come back into vogue again. You can think about what you may have eaten at your grandmother's table (old skool). Put a new spin on Aunt Toonta's Beet and Jello salad. Or go for something retro-cool. Maybe the hottest dinner party entree from the mod mod 70's. I'm gonna give you pretty much a whole month to get your entries together, they will be due on April 1 (no joke!). You can submit them in 3 categories: Desserts (let's get the most important out of the way first ;), Main Courses, and Everything Else (salads, soups, appetizers, etc.) And yes, you can update your recipe to add your own special touch.

I'm hoping this will be a lot of fun! Did I mention there are fabulous prizes? I adore all things vintage.

(In fact, here is a photo to prove it.This photo was taken for
a hat contest at a retirement party at work.)

I'm hoping hats will come back in style! I'm wearing a style called "the swirl" and it's made with vintage materials. It's a signed original hat made by New Orleans designer Nicole LeBlanc.

My love for vintage things includes VINTAGE APRONS. And what better prizes to have for a vintage recipe contest than vintage-style aprons? Also, one lucky winner will receive his or her very own copy of Gloria Chadwick's brand new cookbook, Foods and Flavors of San Antonio!

I am SERIOUSLY ANNOYED, Seriously, I have been planning this contest for weeks and suddenly apron giveaways are everywhere??

THESE aprons, are hand-made one by one, and when they're gone, they're gone. They are also hand selected par moi.

will be given to the lucky winner in each of our 3 categories.

Gents, don't despair: there's something here for you too!


Handmaiden's Cottage

Handmaiden's Cottage

Now for you spicy ladies, check out:

From Carolyn's Kitchen

The Everything Old Is New Again Vintage Recipe Contest

Submit a comment to this post stating which apron best suits your personality and why. Prepare a "vintage" recipe, post it to your blog (new posts only, please??), and link to this post.
By vintage, I mean a recipe popular earlier than 1990 (or a recipe published prior to 1990).
In addition, send me an email with subject line EONA to DomestickMuse at gmail dot com. In the email, please give me your name, the name of your blog, the name of your dish, the category you are entering (Desserts, Main Courses, or Everything Else), a link to your post, and a photo of your recipe. In addition, a short paragraph about this history of your dish would be great! This contest ends on April 1. Winners will be selected randomly in each category

In fact, I have a 4th prize, the Mr./Ms. Congeniality Award. This will go to the person exhibiting the greatest sense of fun and panache in their contest entry! And what is this award, you may ask? It's a copy of Gloria Chadwick's wonderful new cookbook,

Happy cooking, All!

Love those aprons? Want to see more apron action? Then just click on the photos below.

Lynn at Handmaiden'sCottage will be glad to help you!

And Carolyn's Kitchen (Hot-Cha-Cha)


  1. This is a very fun competition! I will think about an interesting recipe.

  2. FUN FUN FUN!!! I will be entering, count on it! Oh, the things I could use those aprons for:):)

  3. Hi Karen,
    I Love your new layout, very pretty.

  4. I love this giveaway and I so need a new apron!! I love the vixen because I love polka dots. I love confections and cupcakes too but I don't like things that close to my neck! LOL!!!! And I have an award for you too...

  5. Love the hat! Love the aprons (reminds me of my grandmother -- LOL). Love that you're helping me promote my new cookbook with a giveaway! Thanks. :) I blogged about your vintage apron EONA event today at Cookbook Cuisine. And how come you haven't come to my Fiesta yet???? BTW, we dye the river green here in San Antonio in March, too.

  6. This is so weird I was just talking to another blog about how I have this old recipe book a neighbor gave me when I was twelve...I had begun to cook on my own in home economics and because they had only boys, they thought of me as a daughter and lavished me with wonderful cooking gifts and I ate at their house once a week, he grew a fig tree which was a foreign but sweet discovery in my foodway journey, and the apron they game me was stolen in a home robbery when I moved out on my own (why on earth they would steal it?), but the 'Cherry Picked and Labled' reminds me of this vintage memory! I also had planned on pulling out the recipe book and its crumbling pages to blog about, so I will get right on it!

    Honey where have you been all my blog life (began in October)? I am telling some others about your site...

    PS I have another site you might like TMI

  7. I love this!! I will definitely give you an entry. You look so pretty in that hat!

  8. Everyone, thanks so much for your interest in my little contest! I am hoping to have time to do my "entry" this week. The aprons have started arriving, and they are GORGEOUS. Such craftsmanship! And the packaging is amazing! I'm hoping to post some photos soon.
    In the meantime, spread the word! The more, the merrier!

    :) k

  9. Reeni-- thank you for the compliment about the hat! I had a lot of fun putting together my "vintage" outfit. Addicted to J Jill...

    All, I meant to say how much I am looking forward to your entries!

    :) Karen

  10. I am swirling my head for a great recipe. Great giveaway!

  11. Mom on the Run: yay!! Welcome to DomesticMuse! I'm so glad you are planning to enter. Looking forward to your post! Tell all your friends :)

  12. I love it! I'm a baker so I can really use the aprons! T-T

  13. This is the most fun contest I have seen so far, I am very much into the vintage items. I cook every thing but my passion is baking so I would love to have the confections & cupcakes apron. I will be posting my entry onto our blog this coming Wednesday so I will complete the rest of my entry later. Thanks so much for such a wonderful contest!

  14. I'm so glad I found this contest in time! Confections and cupcakes suits my personality because it is flirty, yet conservative. :) I will post a recipe, I'll go through some of my grandma's old books. Ooooh! This has made my evening. I LOVE vintage recipes! :)

    Side note: I am also hoping that hats come back. I was watching My Fair Lady last week and sighing about all of Audrey's hats. Down with sweats, up with hats!

  15. Hi Karen...I've only recently discovered your blog...and I love it(so cute)! Hopefully I'll be able to dig out a proper recipe in time, and w/ positive thoughts I'm gonna say I love the Cherry Picked and Labeled apron (cherries are my fave fruit & I need a pocket in my aprons)... great contest!

  16. Vintage is now pre-1990? 1990? I guess that I am older than I thought!

    If I have time for this very fun challenge, I found my old Junior High School Home Economics notebook on my last trip home. Might be the time to make those Cream Cheese Dainties!

  17. I was perusing again -- I'm racking my brain here! -- and I realized my first comment was the wrong wording. let me rephrase: i love this contest/concept!! Congrats on your 3 months!!

  18. Those aprons are so nice!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love the cherry apron (I love anything cherry). I've been re-discovering my old recipes lately on my blog, and Donna from My Tasty Treasures suggested I enter one in your contest. Todays entry in my blog was Date Bars (they are addictive and you just don't see real date bars anymore) and the other entry this week was Hungarian Goulash (to die for). I'll send you an email with the links.

  20. I love the cherry picked apron! I collect old advertisements and labels.

  21. I never told you which I loved best : CHERRY PICKED AND LABELED from Handmaiden's Cottage. Why? The very fiftie's tablecloth fabric is great and so is that huge pocket. I am sending in my post today!

  22. The Cherry picked apron suits me because my grandmother used to make aprons that looked just like that. And this is her recipe.

    I don't have a blog, just a website where I post the best family recipes.

    I think lard has gotten a bad rap. Sure, you shouldn't overdo it. But in moderation, it's not such a bad thing. And in some cases, there is no substitution. I know. My Mom and I tried with this recipe. One year we wanted to be more health conscious so we substituted Crisco for the lard. Big mistake. We ended up with hockey pucks. We literally couldn't bite these cookies. I think we took a hammer to one. They all went into the trash and we started over with lard.

    These cookies are heavenly. And as long as you only eat one or two, I don't think you need to worry about your cholesterol.

  23. Is there still time? I love the vixen, as it reminds me of Lucille Ball style, because of the circle pocket. But all are cute. Will get busy and get a recipe going.

  24. ok, my entry is on:

    Thanks for putting this contest on.

  25. Hmm, I like the striped one... It suits my desire to wear nothing but an apron for my man in the kitchen! Wow, I'm spicy today!


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