Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday + a Giveway!

Well, I did cook at home this week every day that I had planned to, except 1. Did I stick to my plan?? Of course not! But plans are meant to be flexible! Instead of the cheese souffle I'd planned to make on Wed., I decided to do my chili experiment for Gloria's Chili Cookoff Challenge. Last night, instead of leftovers, I had a yen for tacos. But that's ok-- I'll eventually work in what I missed (my Gruyere cheese and beef broth aren't going to spoil)!
Laura, over at, hosts Menu Plan Monday, so this is my plan for the week!
Since tonight is leftovers, I will do my shopping tomorrow. It is SO much more pleasant going to the grocery on a weekday than on the weekends!

Sunday: Three Sisters Chili, blue corn chips, salsa, guacamole
Monday: Leftovers buffet
Tuesday: Mexican pork chops, Arroz Amarillo, Brushed eggplant
Wednesday: Roast Salmon with warm lentil salad, garlic sauteed chard
Thursday: Dad's Meatloaf with Tomato Relish (Tyler Florence), fingerling potatoes, peas
Friday: East Carolina Fried BBQ Chicken, succotash, Elsie's tomato pudding
Saturday: OUT
Sunday: Jerry Stamps' Bean and Corn Chowder, buttermilk cornbread

I also wanted to mention to any of you interested in cool handmade/vintage-style stuff that Mamarazzi is having a terrific giveaway for a beatiful hat and necklace on her site, Dandelionwishes. Stop by and visit!


  1. Yay Karen.. Lots to look forward to reading!! Great week choice of recipes, wishI were as organized as you!

  2. Man, all of these dishes sound delicious. I have no idea what I'm going to eat tomorrow night; I wish I had the organization and preplanning skills that you do!

  3. I'm so impressed you plan out your meals for the week. I can only plan a day or two in advance.

    I've with the SITS Welcome Wagon. I've been following SITS for around nine months now, and I've read so many fun blogs, met so many amazing women, and really enjoyed the supportive female-blogger community. So, welcome SITSta, glad you've joined us!

  4. that all sounds amazing! thanks for the shout out about my giveaway!

  5. One of these days, I'm going to start menu planning. I know that my husband will probably fall over in astonishment!
    came by to say "hi" and welcome to SITS :-)

  6. Well, Elyse and Rhea-- Just because I make the plan doesn't mean it always happens! But it is nice to feel I have food in the house, so it's useful for grocery shopping.
    :) K


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