Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This week, I failed miserably at sticking to my menu plan. I'm just quickly jotting this down, as I need to get to the store before the freezing rain starts. Hope I am not too late, there is usually a run on the stores when bad weather is expected. Here's to Menu Plan Monday (organized by Laura at OrgJunkie.Com)!

Donna's Flank Steak

Desserts will included raspberry cupcakes, fresh ginger gingerbread, and something lemon, as I've got some to use up (mousse, perhaps)!

I am trying lots of recipes from my blogging friends this week!

Smoked Paprika Flank Steak, Potato Gratin, steamed orange cauliflower with lemonaise, Raspberry Cream Cupcakes (Thanks, Donna, at MyTastyTreasures)

Pasta e Fagioli, rosemary demi-baguettes with garlic and parmesan, salad (thanks again to MyTastyTreasures)

Tuesday: OUT, DS has a concert at school

Reeni's Fuhgettaboutit Meat Sauce and Pasta, bread, salad (thanks to Reeni at Cinnamon, Spice and Everything Nice)

French Onion Soup Tyler Florence, frisee lardon with poached eggs, gruyere croutes.

Friday: OUT, date night

Saturday: Easy cheese souffle, peas with roasted red peppers, broiled tomatoes with basil vinaigrette, garlic rolls

Donna's Raspberry Cupcakes


  1. Karen- I am so flattered. I only hope you like them all:) Thanks for the shoutouts. LMK what you thought! You made my day, I had to show my FFH!

  2. Donna, we just finished dinner and it was fantastic!! There were fingerling potatoes (Russian banana) at the store and so we had those instead of the potato gratin, but oh, they were so, so good! And the flank steak was WONDERFUL!! I've wanted an excuse to try smoked paprika for years and this recipe will now be a permanent part of my repertoire. DC LOVED it!! The cupcakes were perfect for a sweet touch at the end of the meal, not too heavy.

    I'm so happy I was able to make your day :)

    I will post about our meal tomorrow. :)

  3. Wow Karen! I've never been able to follow a menu during the whole week! But I could easily follow yours!!! It all looks awesome :D

  4. Nuria-- thank you! I know what the problem is. CREATIVE people have trouble following schedules and plans. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! I love the inventiveness of the food on your blog.


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