Monday, August 17, 2009

DF16: Gooey Grilled "Cheez" Sandwiches with Ham and Tomato

In addition to Tuna Melts, grilled sandwiches are another quick go-to meal for us. While I rarely make them only with cheese, the cheese is always a key ingredient in any combo, whether it's my fake muffalettas or I'm using up leftovers to create turkey with apple, brie, and walnuts. I can't bear to have to forego grilled sandwiches forever!

Luckily, there is a delicious solution in the Gooey Grilled Cheez sandwich recipe from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. Instead of making a slicing "cheez," this one doesn't have to be made ahead of time and is more of a sauce-- well, actually stiffer-- maybe pate is the best word! It's super quick and best of all, we found it to be very, very yummy! THIS is what I will probably use from now on to top my tuna melts, rather than the Colby block "uncheese." Lisa Fowler's review on Amazon says she even uses this to put on pizza.

Here is the recipe:

Gooey Grilled Cheese

2/3 c. water
1/4 c. nutritional yeast flakes
2 T flour (any kind, your choice)
2T fresh lemon juice
2 T sesame tahini
1 1/2 T. ketchup
2 t. kuzu, arrowroot, or cornstarch
1 T sesame tahini
1 t. onion powder
1/4 t. each garlic powder, turmeric, dry mustard and salt
8 slices whole grain or gluten-free rice bread

Combine all ingredients, except bread, in a medium saucepan, and whisk until mixture is smooth.

Bring to a boil, stirring constantlywith the wire whisk. Reduce heat to low and cook, stirring constantly, until mixture is very thick and smooth. Remove from heat

Place 4 of the bread slices on a flat surface. Cover one side of each slice evenly with the cooked mixture. Top with remaining bread slices.
Grill in a large heave skillet misted with non-stick spray or coated with a small amount of vegetable oil or nonhydrogenated margarine. Brown each side well, carefully turning over once. Slice sandwiches in half diagonally and serve at once.

I misread the recipe and used 2 T cashew butter instead of tahini. I also found, as did Lisa Fowler in her review, that more ketchup and salt were needed. This time I did use the amount of lemon juice called for (2 T), and it tasted delicious!

Was it cheesey? Again, yes and no. The overall impression was one of cheese, but this thing too is its own deelicious self. To jazz up the sammies, I used my favorite Prairie bread and spread one half of the slices with mustard. I topped those pieces of bread generously with sliced ham and a nice big slice of tomato. On the other pieces of bread, I spread the "cheez" goo. Then I put the 2 halves together. Instead of my usual calorie-saving egg dip, I brushed the bread with melted butter. (I sprayed my griddle with non-stick spray). I did not have any trouble with the sandwiches falling apart, and with their delightful coating of butter, they browned beautifully. The rich taste of the butter served to heighten the illusion that we were eating melted cheese. The main thing missing was the stretch-- you know how wonderfully stretchy melted cheese gets! These sandewichs really were absolutely scrumptious. Even DS ate his.

I served the sammies with mugs of Tomato and Roasted Pepper soup. This too tasted "creamy" although there was not a drop of dairy in the soup! It was almost like my beloved cream of tomato soup. Very tasty!!

Color: 3 stars. It was certainly very cheddary-colored from the ketchup. Appetizing.
Texture: 3 stars. It was rich and creamy.
Cheese Flavor: 3 stars: The overall impression was cheesy.
Taste: 3 stars: Fabulous!! It was very savory and just plain yummy. While it does remind you of cheese, it is its own thing, too-- and a delicious thing worth eating again!
Overall: 3 stars: Superb!
DC-O-Meter: He loved it! 2 thumbs up


  1. Oh yeah, there is no way I could give up grilled cheese

  2. Mmmmm this looks really tasty!


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