Friday, August 28, 2009

DF26: Decidedly not Sugar-Free

The problem with sugar is that it's just in everything. I did pretty well until we went out to dinner.

We tried first to go to Red Robin, which I figured would have at least a few sugar-free, dairy-free options. We unwittingly found ourselves in Hell on Earth-- the restaurant was hosting a Pee-Wee football team from North Raleigh, and was packed wall-to-wall with hyper, screaming, balloon-popping kids and their parents. We put our names on the waiting list and were told we'd be seated in 15 minutes or so. Honestly, the only reason I was willing to sit there amidst the nearly unbearable din is that there just were no other decent restaurants in that shopping area.

After 20 deafening minutes, DC finally got fed up and went to check on our status on the waiting list. They told him we'd need to wait an additional 30 minutes! So of course, we left. I really wish restaurants would just close and host a private party for these kinds of events.

So we were stuck going to the Wild Wings place, the only other restaurant nearby that would probably have some dairy-free options. The chicken wings are ok, but I must say, I cannot understand their appeal. They are greasy, and bony, and there's hardly any meat on them. I also really detest "sports bars"-- smoky, noisy, with 5 million TV screens everywhere. I feel bombarded by WAY too many stimuli at once. And a meal consisting solely of greasy chicken wings always leaves me feeling unsatisfied. DC loves both sports bars and chicken wings, which is simply a mystery to me.

At any rate, we ordered the wing sampler platter that includes 5 different flavors of wings-- including Old Yeller (a Carolina mustard-based sauce), Red Dragon, kind of like a Teriyaki flavor, Cajun (DC's choice), regular Medium sauce wings, and General Tso's. Most of these were loaded with sugar. So it was just a frustrating dining experience all the way around. I left craving the burger I didn't get at Red Robin. Ah well-- tomorrow is bound to be better!

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