Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Bash Giveaway!!! 5 Fabulous Prizes!

It's my birthday and I'm giving away fabulous presents!!!

This has been a wonderful, blessed year! We've moved into a house, which has given all of us much needed space and peace and quiet, besides upgrading me to a wonderful new kitchen with TONS OF STORAGE SPACE!!! My family is healthy, I have the best job ever, and the best friends anyone could ever have-- which includes all of my wonderful friends in foodie blogland! In my culture, one of the ways we show gratitude for our blessings is by giving gifts. So I would like to host a giveaway in honor of my birthday.

A few weeks ago, I approached Lynn at The Handmaiden's Cottage about helping with a giveaway for DomesticMuse. I know you all just adore Lynn's gorgeous aprons-- each one is an original work of art!! Lyn was extremely generous!! With special thanks to Lynn-- here is what we came up with: I am giving away a beautiful and unique set of "Me and Mommy" aprons: there is a big sister, a little sister, and a mommy apron in this sweet, handcrafted set.

Birthdays are also times for reflecting on what the kind of life we want to create. Mojo Spa in Chicago organizes all of their fantastic, home-made products into categories of "desires," and, just for fun, formulates the ingredients to help you attract what you desire into your life. So I am giving away TWO of their incredibly soothing lip balms.

Sweet Success lip balm is infused with orange, cinnamon and vanilla, and energized with a carnelian crystal, which in crystal lore is thought to attract energy, power, and abundance into your life.

Strike it Rich lip balm is infused with mint, pachouli, bergamot, and nutmeg, and energized with a green aventurine crystal, thought to attract wealth. You can get your Mojo on with one of these soothing and fun lip balms!

Birthdays are times for acknowledging our special mentors. Gloria Chadwick, of Tex-Mex Foodies and Foods and Flavors of San Antonio, is a published cookbook author and all around-amazing person. Gloria has also been a fabulous friend and mentor to me this year, and is a source of inspiration to me! To honor Gloria, I am also giving away a copy of her new cookbook,

Foods and Flavors of San Antonio.

Birthdays are times for bringingNEW things into our lives. I have recently been learning to work with gemstones and make jewelry, and am planning to open an Etsy store this summer. I'll post details when the shop is up and running. As my final and special gift, I am offering one of my Harmony necklaces, custom-made especially for the lucky winner. Each necklace is created to harmonize and balance one of your own personal energy centers, known as chakras.
Keeping the chakras balanced and clear is believed to promote optimal well-being. Each chakra is associated with certain colors, gemstones, and even foods!

For example, this simple and beautiful necklace is created to balance the second, or sacral (Hara) chakra, which governs creativity, fertility, desire, and intuition.

It includes a red aventurine on an orange silken cord, one of the gemstones attuned to the vibration and color (orange) of the second chakra. I will work with the winner to design a special Harmony necklace just for you!

So, here's all you have to do to win:
1. Leave a comment on this post, and tell me which gift(s) are your favorite and I will enter you in that category to win. Winners will be chosen randomly.
2. Sign up to follow my blog, if you aren't already a follower. All followers will get "2" entries for the gift(s) of their choice.

All gifts, except for the Harmony necklace, will ship directly from the original retailer. I will notify winners and ask you to send me your shipping addresses so I can have the gifts shipped to out to you immediately.

I will announce winners on June 28!

Here's a lineup of the fabulous gifts!!

The Me and Mommy Apron Set from the Handmaiden's Cottage

Sweet Success Lip Balm from Mojo Spa

Strike it Rich Lip Balm from Mojo Spa

Foods and Flavors of San Antonio by Gloria Chadwick

A custom-made Harmony Necklace


  1. Happy birthday! My daughter says she loves the necklace best! Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday! I would love to have the mommy and me aprons!

  3. Happy Birthday, Karen! My birthday is this month, too--on the 29th. Thanks for including my cookbook in your birthday gifts... I had no idea you were planning this so it's a nice surprise. I've also got a cookbook giveaway going on at FFSA this week, so I'll add a link to your post.

    I love, love, love the harmony necklace. It's beautiful and I love that you're attuning it to a particular chakra.

    I'm already a follower and you're on my blogroll.

    Have a really wonderful day!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Karen!!! My birthday was April 29th :D I'm 19 now :)

    I would love to have the book Food and Flavors of San Antonio, I will sign up to be a follower right now :)

  5. Aack! Karen this is actually Nathan I was logged on to my boyfriends account :( sorry

  6. Okay so now I'm back on my account lol. and another happy birthday to you from me :)

    I would love to have the book Food and Flavors of San Antonio, I will sign up to be a follower right now :)

  7. I wish you a most wondermous birthday!! The Strike it Rich lip balm looks delicious :)

  8. Happy Birthday!! I love the lip balm! What a coincidence - I am opening an Etsy shop soon, too! Good luck with yours and be sure to let us know when you open. The necklace is gorgeous!

  9. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope it's a great one :D Although I adore lip balm in all shapes and forms...I'm loving the harmony necklace...simple and grounding. Just gorgeous!

    And I'm a follower!

  10. Karen, happy happy birthday! You're so sweet to do a giveaway on your birthday, when you should be the one receiving the gifts! Anyway, I adore Etsy, and I totally respect the artistic talent that the sellers have, including you! So, if you get an Etsy store going, please let all of us know! Clearly, I love the necklace of all the gifts you featured.
    Thanks, you are a sweetheart! Happy birthday!

  11. Ok!! First and foremost I would like to sing you a birthday song!! "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear KAREN, happy birthday to you, AND MANY MORE!"

    As far as the gifts, I like ALL of them but if I have to choose I am going to choose the aprons! I keep telling my "local foodie" friends how I need an apron and Lynn's aprons are unbelievable!! My second favorite is the Strike it Rich Lip Balm from Mojo Spa. That lib balm looks so unique. Anyway, I will quit going on and on now and say have a great weekend!

  12. Happy birthday. All the gifts look wonderful especially the aprons

  13. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! These are all lovely gifts that I can't really sad, for sure, which is my favorite! I can't wait until your Etsy shop opens, by the way.

    I'm going to go with Food and Flavors of San Antonio. Growing up in Austin, Texas, San Antonio will always hold a special place in my heart. Furthermore, my husband took me to San Antonio for our honeymoon. Now that we live all the way up in Nebraska, we miss "real" food from Texas (primarily Mexican and Tex-Mex). I would be absolutely thrilled to win!


  14. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to leave another comment, but though I'd mention that I'm still a follower. YAY, two more entries! Woohoo! I really, really, really want to win. Thank you for being so generous on YOUR birthday! <3


  15. Happy Birthday!!! I'm really digging the necklace and the lip balm is pretty cool too.

  16. Happy Birthday, my friend. Hope all is well. Moving sucks. Trying to get back into the groove. Id love to win the cookbook, I am already your follower:)

  17. Happy Birthday!! I love when people celebrate their birthdays!!!!! I love the Sweet Success lip balm, it looks delicious! Thanks again for the apron too! It is so cute and I will have a post on it Thursday!

  18. Wow! Happy happy birthday and what a great way to celebrate with your friends! I am now following you, too, although I don't know why I wasn't before! I would love one of your beautiful harmony necklaces or, if not possible, that great cookbook. Hope you have a happy one!(and I agree with Donna that moving sucks!)

    I love my new Domestic Muse Apron and I, too, will be putting a photo of it on a blog post real soon!

  19. I like the Harmony necklace....don't we always need a little more of that anyway? Happy Birthday!!!! -Chris Ann


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