Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Happened to DomesticMuse???

Dear foodie friends: you are the best, and I have sadly neglected you over the past few weeks. Many exciting things have been happening, which I will update you on shortly.

AAAAAARGH!!!!! I just realized I have my camera with me, but forgot my magic cable that puts the photos into the computer. Oh well, I'll think of somethin'!

I am writing to you at an altitude of 30,000 feet in the beautiful skies somewhere between NC and Chicago. Yes, there is Interet access on the plane-- how cool is that???

I am on my way to the biggest library event of the year, the American Library Association Annual Conference, which is in Chicago. I will be here in the Windy City until Monday night and plan to submit short posts of my gastronomical experiences each day. It should be a great conference and chance to reunite with friends I have not seen for a long time. There will be 20,000 librarians attending the conference-- look out, Chitown!!

I am also planning to announce the winners of my BD BASH GIVEAWAY tonight.

You all are the best friends anyone could have-- thanks for your continued support of DomesticMuse!!

Lots of love and light,
Karen, the DomesticMuse


  1. YAY! So glad to hear from you. And as a librarian, I'm a bit envious that you're there at the ALA event. Have fun rubbing shoulders with everyone!


  2. So nice to hear from you.. glad you are back. Was thinking bout ya.

  3.'re so close to me right now! Glad to hear you're okay :)

  4. While you're in Chicago, have a pizza at Rosati's. It's the BEST pizza ever... in the whole world. It's one of the things I miss most about Chicago. And be sure to have a gyros at Kourtis. Second best thing in the whole world. :)

  5. I love that they have internet on planes now. Welcome back too:)


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