Friday, April 10, 2009

Some of my so NOT favorite things

It has been such an exhausting week. I've packed... my.... whole.... kitchen.... and unpacked it... I've hauled loads and loads of stuff and more loads of stuff to the new house. I've suffered 48 hrs. of nail-biting anxiety about whether my washer and dryer would get disconnected, moved to my new house, reconnected, and still work. I've assisted with Operation AngerCat (oh, how Elsa and Sienna looooove their cat carriers and being abruptly teleported to a new environment). I've had 2 enormous work projects unexpectedly have a need to get completely finished in the 1.5 days before I had to head off on a business trip (where I was slated to give a presentation that I had planned to work on in the 1.5 days prior to my business trip). Naturally, DS's back went completely out at the same time, so I also had to deal with a crabby, incapacitated, bedridden and bored teenager whilst attempting to finish the 2 projects in 1.5 days. I've dealt with airline delays, will-I-make-it but more importantly will-my-luggage make it connections, 1 a.m. hotel checkins, wake-up calls that came way too early and total AV failure in front of my audience. (I guess I shouldn't have bothered with those Powerpoint slides after all!). I was awakened at an ungodly early hour today in my hotel room by the was-band, who, not realizing I was on CENTRAL time, called to inform me that the Dr. declares DS needs an MRI. And I've been threatened with having everything still left in my apt. seized by the suck-tastic apt. complex unless I pay them the approximately $2000 they are attempting to extort from me, BY TODAY. Did I mention my lease doesn't expire until the 17th???

What a bizarre mixture of happies (I love the new house!! & my audience loved me, even with no ppt slides!!) and crappies. Mostly crappies.

I will be so happy when this move is over and done with, and I can get back to cooking, and start enjoying my new kitchen.


  1. Oh Karen.. I wish I was closer Id treat you to a drink or 5. Keep your chin up take your time, breath, get a massage, and we'll be waiting when you return.

  2. Things will get better, I know it. I hope your son is O.K. We'll be here while you get everything figured out. Keep us updated.

  3. Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. I'm sorry it's been such a stressful and hectic week. However, I'm super glad you're loving your new place!!


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