Saturday, April 18, 2009

EONA: Still Time until Sunday 4/19 at 5 p.m.

Hi, All--

DomesticMuse will Return after this Short Break!

I had an unplanned business trip this week along with finally finishing our move. Last night we cleaned the apt. and turned in our keys. Please keep us in your thoughts-- We are just out the door to take DS to his MRI for his back. We hope it is just a pinched nerve and nothing worse.

However, he did wake up with a temp. of 101 this a.m. and is worried he has the flu.

EONA participants-- I will not be putting together the roundup until tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who have submitted entries. If you've been thinking of putting in an entry & can get yours to me by 5 p.m. EST Sunday April 19, I will post it.

Back soon!

Thanks to all of you!

:) Karen


  1. Hope everything turns out okay! Can't wait to see your fabulous roundup :)

  2. Hey Karen! Good luck with the move. Hope DS is all right. Keep us updated. We'll miss you while you're away!

  3. Best wishes on the MRI - hope it's nothing major! Looking forward to the round up.


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