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Everything Old is New Again Roundup and WINNERS!!

Welcome to the First Annual
Everything Old Is New Again Vintage Recipe Roundup!

Category 1, Desserts!

First, we have Frozen Fruit Salad from Mary Beth Dunkin at Dunking Cooking the Semi-Homemade Way!

Mary Beth writes that this recipe comes from her great-grandmother's handwritten recipe book, and her entire family loves it. It looks so delicious, who wouldn't???

Next is Raspberry Marlowe from Amanda at Joie de Vivre, An Amateur Gourmet's Guide

Joie de Vivre tells us that she recently inherited an old cookbook, Norge Binding of Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook, that belonged to her grandmother. She says "I love this cookbook! One, it is huge, two, the copyright is 1945 so it is FILLED with vintage recipes, and three, my grandmother won this book for being the top sales girl on the floor of White House Appliances in Eureka, CA. She was very proud of her accomplishment and of this cookbook." This lovely dish sure looks like a winner-- it is positively irresistible!

Natasha at 5 Star Foodie sends us this heirloom recipe for Rhubarb Compote.

"Our family's favorite way of preparing rhubarb is a compote. The recipe originally comes from my husband's great-grandmother, and the compote here is served in a vintage china cup also from my husband's family. This rhubarb dessert is delicious, healthy, and very easy to make."
What a beautiful presentation for an old fashioned-treat!

Coleen of Coleen's Recipes has entered something that sadly, seems to have disappeared from dessert trays everywhere, Date Bars! This is surely a tragedy that must be remedied soon. I think we've all forgotten how delicious dates can be in all kinds of baked goods.

"Recently, I have been re-discovering some of the older recipes I have saved. Those from the “good old days”, when life (and recipe ingredients) were simpler. Recipes like those I picture Mrs. Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver” making or maybe Aunt Bea from Mayberry (LOL). Boy, am I dating myself or what? This date bar falls into that category. They are delicious with a large glass of cold milk and a good book. I hope you try them."
Ooooooh, I plan to-- soon!!

Next up is the GirliChef, Heather Schmitt-Gonzales, with her gorgeous Pink Cloud Pie!
Can you ever have too many pink desserts?? I don't think so!

"The "old" recipe comes from my grandma. It's her Green Jello Salad and she's been making it for years! I have never really liked it, but everybody else in the family always has. I decided to ask her for the recipe...then I took it and re-vamped it, made it "new", with flavors that I like. Even though I put in into a pie shell, it's very good all alone as a jello-type salad, too! "

Lauren, AKA Hornsfan, of Bytes from Texas, sent in this unnbelievable Dr. Pepper Cake!! As my dad used to say, "Oooo-Wheee!!" Can't you just taste all that yummy chocolatey goodness?? My teeth hurt just looking at the photo!

Hornsfan says "A delicious, fudgy, rich and completely decadant chocolate cake that is a throw back to bake sales of yore, the Dr. Pepper cake holds a special place in my heart and in those of my family and friends. My best friend for instance has been known to make special stops in West, Texas to pick up Dr. Pepper cake for her step-daughter, my boyfriend on the other hand acted as though it was Christmas when I told him I'd made the cake (and had one for him)! Needless to say, it's a favorite through and through and is something I highly recommend to any choc-o-holic out there!"

Mary, The-Godiva, sent in a fantastic entry from her website, The Laiuppa Family Webpage, for her grandmother's cinnamon-butter cookies. No photos, but the recipe looks wonderful, and very authentic.
Mary says "I think lard has gotten a bad rap. Sure, you shouldn't overdo it. But in moderation, it's not such a bad thing. And in some cases, there is no substitution. I know. My Mom and I tried with this recipe. One year we wanted to be more health conscious so we substituted Crisco for the lard. Big mistake. We ended up with hockey pucks. We literally couldn't bite these cookies. I think we took a hammer to one. They all went into the trash and we started over with lard. These cookies are heavenly. And as long as you only eat one or two, I don't think you need to worry about your cholesterol."

Our final entry in the dessert category is from Reeni at Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. It is the one, the only, the scrumptious, Cherry-Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats!!

Oh my, don't these look AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS??? Good, and good FOR you, right :D???

Reeni did some great research on the history of the venerable Rice Krispie treat, beloved of sticky-fingered snack fiends everywhere.

"Rice Krispies are 80 years old, and were patented in 1928. Soon after, Mildred Day, a Home Economics graduate and employee of Kellogg's developed Rice Krispie Treats for the Camp Fire Girls. No doubt by using Camp Fire Marshmallows, synonymous with Camp Fire Girls. The recipe first appeared on the Rice Krispie box during the 1940's. Making Rice Krispie treats not only vintage but antique! My 'new' rice krispie treats are loaded with chocolate and cherry chips, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. I snuck in the cranberries and seeds to make them a little more healthier for my nephew. I drizzled melted chocolate and cherry chips over the top. It sounds like a weird combo but they are delicious. I don't even know if he will notice the sunflower seeds and he might think the cranberries are cherry chips. Ha. These are real quick and easy to make, the original ones only have three ingredients: butter, marshmallows and rice krispies. So perfect if you need a treat and fast. I'm sending these off to my nephew to munch on this weekend.


Category 2, Main Courses!

Our first contestant in the main dish course is Coleen over at Coleen's Recipes, presenting Hungarian Goulash with Homemade Noodles. Coleen writes, "This is MY kind of comfort food…slow simmered beef until it is fork tender, in a rich, full-bodied gravy and served over homemade noodles; it does not get much better than that."

As a homegrown Alaskan, I'm gonna bet Coleen knows her comfort foods! I seriously can't wait to try this! (In fact, I love stews so much that I get irritated during the summer because no one wants to eat them, LOL!)

Jamie at Life's a Feast tempts us with Surprise Burgers. You know, there are just times when real American cheese is what's needed. This looks like one of them!

"My mom was not a Happy Homemaker, Betty Crocker type mom. She learned to cook from her mom and it was not good - dried, leathery liver, horrid cabbage soup, dried-out oven-baked fish, canned vegetables. We were saved by those Sixtie's Space Age products that we reveled in : Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, tv dinners, Shake n Bake, stuff like that. But one thing she made that we all loved and clamored for were these Surprise Burgers. The recipe is from the 1964 Hunt's Tomato Sauce promotional pamphlet "21 New Ways to Serve Hamburger (Hamburger Loves Hunt’s Tomato Sauce)". Hamburger patties filled with tomato sauce and a slice of YES processed American cheese! Must say, though, that 2009 in France, my sons thought this was very strange!"

I can well imagine that young French Gourmands might fail to appreciate the beauty of American cheese!

Gloria at Foods and Flavors of San Antonio is serving up some terrific Mini Mexican Meatloaf Muffins! Yum-O, what could be better than miniature meat loaf??? And Mexican Style at that?? And what a pretty plate!

"I decided to reinvent meatloaf and give it a Tex-Mex flair. Meatloaf has been around since the beginning of time, so it definitely qualifies as vintage. People have been reinventing meatloaf forever, so there's nothing new. My grandmother, and my mom, used the same old recipe: ground beef, ketchup, an egg, salt and pepper, and Saltine crackers, so I made it new again with a variation on the same ingredients, and I made it mini. I don't know about your Grandma and your mom, but mine would always serve HUGE portions and tell me I had to eat everything on my plate. It's a wonder we all didn't turn into fatties eating this way, so to make something old new again, I downsized it into proper proportions for the way we eat (or are supposed to eat) in this day and age."
(Uh..... well, some of us DID turn into fatties... but we had fun doing it, LOL!) I LOVE the taste of cracker crumbs in meatloaf and meatballs. It's my favorite kind of crumb to use. Plus, there are always those extra crackers that are leftover that the cook, of course, has to eat!

Category 3, Everything Else!

Our first contestant for this category is the Divine Chef E. at Cookappeal. The recipe is DO AS THE ROMANS DOfrom an old recipe book with recipe cards that Chef E had written attached inside.


"HISTORY: Well it was something my mom would have never made. I was bored with regular cookbook recipes before I was out of diapers, and when attending home economics in Junior High we were given an assignment to create our own dish and bring it with the recipe and so everyone could try. I found out that there was more to the cheese world than Colby or longhorn cheddar that my dad only allowed on the table, and discovered cheese from foreign lands such as Italy. Maybe I got the idea for the name from my drama classes in school, I am not sure...but when everyone tasted it a rumor was spread that I was adopted and just wait until my son finds this book in all my belongings when I go to that big kitchen in the sky...his kids will enjoy it too!"

The second entry in this category is from Scraps at Domesticated Engineer, who contributes her grandmother's recipe for Watergate Salad.

I've always loved this mysterious salad, my mom's aunts (Allie, Bessie, and Toonta) used to make it for family reunions. Scraps says: "I thought it would be a kick to bring this recipe back out, as I have not had it since the 80's and as I bought the ingredients, I laughed at the recipe on the back of the 'Dole' pineapple can. Yep, there it was the Watergate Salad recipe! So, I guess it's not so out-of-date, but I am entering it because I would like my children to try it and see what they think."

Chef T from ChefBliss went whole-hog and did a whole MEAL!! I loved her entry, old-fashioned barbecue food with a nouveau twist, from Watermelon Bliss (watermelon and cachaca?? Bring it on, baby!!


to spicy cocktail peanuts, to barbecue chicken fingers

(I always feel sad, imagining all the poultry convalescent homes for the poor, fingerless chickens) to a fantastic Watermelon Granita

for dessert!

And now, Drumroll Please!!!

As randomly chosen, by my random number generator, HERE ARE THE 2009 EONA WINNERS!

For DESSERTS: COLEEN, OF COLEEN'S RECIPES, winner of the Cherry-Picked and Labelled Apron FROM HANDMAIDEN'S COTTAGE!

For MAIN COURSE: JAMIE OF LIFE'S A FEAST, winner of the Confections and Cupcakes Apron FROM HANDMAIDEN'S COTTAGE!


Winner of the Ms. Congeniality award is AMANDA of JOIE DE VIVRE, who wins a copy of Gloria Chadwick's wonderful new cookbook, Foods and Flavors of San Antonio.

Thanks to everyone for participating! Please feel free to add this cool badge my son made to your blog.


  1. I'm so excited about receiving one of the aprons, they are SO cute!! I seldom win contests, so this is even more exciting from that angle. I'm glad you enjoyed the date bar and Hungarian goulash recipes.

  2. Awesome roundup and congrats to the winners!

  3. So fun! Everybody's entries were so great (love retro)...congrats to the winners. Love the badge, Karen!

  4. What a great round-up! Everyone did a fabulous job with their dishes. And congrats to all the winners :)

  5. IF I MISSED YOUR ENTRY, I am so sorry, and PLEASE LMKASAP! I will post it. Thanks again-- and winners, please email me your mailing addresses at DomestickMuse at Gmail dot com.

    :) K

  6. This was a really cool contest and it's fun to see how everyone changed an old recipe into a new one. Congrats to all the winners!! :)

  7. I am thrilled and honored to be a winner! I loved everybody's entries, there were some really cool and some fairly freaky (reminding me eerily of my 60's childhood) entries.

    Thanks so much for the great contest and for the prize!

    (I really loved that ghastly pink marevlously gorgeous Pink Cloud pie!)

  8. Some great looking recipes and congrats to the winners!

  9. Those date bars look soooo delicious!

  10. What a really nice round-up! Great idea and great giveaways!

  11. What a great round-up. I see some things I would like to try. Congrats to the winners!! Everyone did a wonderful job. Thanks for having the contest, Karen!

  12. For some reason you have not been showing up in my feed, so I have missed coming over here. My memory can get me sometimes, if I do not see a name on my site...Yeah to the winners!

    I thought of you at a craft show the other day, a woman makes these aprons and bibs for babies, so cute!


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