Thursday, July 22, 2010

By Special Request: Caramel Walnut LeTarte

(Photo by Mark Thomas.)

I mentioned to my FB friends that I was making a cherry tart for the 4th of July, to which one replied, "No, a Cherry LeTarte!" Since I was making the fabulous Donna's equally fabulous Easiest Fruit Tart Ever recipe, I really can't claim the honors for that one. (If you want to see my variation on Donna's recipe, it's here.)

The dessert below however, is an elaborate fuss to make, but totally worth it. It was received with such enthusiasm, I renamed it the Caramel Walnut LeTarte.

This one's for you, Walter!

Caramel-Walnut LeTarte with Scharffen Berger Glaze

With its tender, shortbread pastry and caramel candy-like filling, this dreamy tart is to die for.

See Caramel-Walnut LeTarte with Scharffen Berger Glaze on Key Ingredient.

In domestic bliss,

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