Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ropa Vieja, Pt. 2

We went to Carmen's last night and of course, I had to order the Ropa Vieja. It was delicious, if rather minimalist. It was basically just meat in a flavorful sauce. I guess whatever veggies had been in there had cooked down to nothing. Tasting the sauce, I tried to figure out whether olive oil and/or wine had been used in its devise.

Luckily, the manager came over to ask how we liked the food, and I was able to delicately probe for information. They do use olive oil, and yes, red wine in the sauce.

I asked DC if he'd ever had Ropa with olives in it, and if he liked it. (He's not a big olive fan.) Surprisingly, he likes it with green olives (not too many, of course), and also volunteered he's had it with peas. So apparently his preferred version includes both olives and peas.

I am thinking of making Ropa Vieja for New Year's. With yellow rice and black beans. (Not brave enough to attempt fried plantains. Still suffering the psychic trauma from my attempt to make them once with my sister!) I also want to make a Tres Leches cake.

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